Branding for Creatives

As artists and writers we are selling ourselves as much as our art form. It's important to be aware that the brand we put out in the world can effect our business (for good or for bad). In this class Tannie talks about why branding matters, how we can still be authentic within that brand, and how a consistent brand can guide us on the public platform, including social media. This class is available at and is $25.


Becky and the Lab

Becky loves to help! She especially loves to help someone in need. One day Becky doesn’t feel so good. Now it’s Becky’s turn for help!

Becky soon learns that she needs a blood test. What’s a blood test? Would it be hard? Becky has never failed a test before.

Join Becky as she meets Lab Manager Dorothy and learns all about how blood samples are used in a lab to help her, and others, get better.


Written by Tyler Croft and Illustrated by Tannie M. Smith, Becky and the Lab is a great resource in helping children learn the behind the scenes process of a lab test and the important role the lab plays in helping people get better.  Becky and the Lab is available for purchase from Ablaze Stories and on Amazon for $9.99.