Little Girl Sketch

This is the result of a warm up that became something more. I've been wanting to practice drawing more children as that is something I just haven't done a lot of.  It is a skill every illustrator needs to know how to do, especially if you want to do children's picture books.  However, I had been putting it off.

I couldn't seem to wrap my mind around what a "Tannie Smith" kid would look like. Every time I sat down I would begin to obsess over how to do it "just right."  It was a weird thing to get hung up on...but nevertheless I was hung up on it.

Each day before I work, I try to start with a warm up.  Usually something that should take me about 20 minutes or less.  Today I decided that enough was enough.  For todays warm up I would just draw whatever kid came into my head.  I told myself not to think about it and to just see what pops out of the pencil. 

I was happy to meet this little girl. She is a fusion of a few things.  A funny thing my youngest son told me. A little girl I saw at the store wearing the brightest hair ties.  A fun chat with a good friend of mine.  A memory of my little sister when she was 1 or 2, putting rocks in her pockets.  And a little girl the same age who put pennies in hers.

Once I drew her, I had to finish her. So my warm up turned into a bit more of a complete sketch. It  also gave me the chance to work with some inks I have wanted to try for a while. I hope to meet this little girl again and learn her name and what adventures she might get up to. I think there is a frog involved.

The moral of this story...

Just let go and draw something.