Where did you go Fall???

Here in Texas we don't do cold. If it even hints at a snow flake there is a missive HEB (local grocery store) rush and everything shuts down.  We are more used to Crazy Hot summers and then a fall that kind of goes into spring then back to hot.  Winter is two weeks in January.

However 2014 was predicted to be different and for once, Weather Man, you were right.  It is COLD! And not just "oh its 68 degrees and because I'm Texan it's cold" cold. It's been 32 degrees the past few days.  I know some of you upper north people are saying "that's nothing."  Well true. But I have been in 32 degree weather up north and on a sunny day, it's not always that bad. If you have ever lived anywhere with any kind of humidity. Then you know that it is a whole new level of cold. The humidity creates this phenomenon where the cold can now reach to your soul.  I don't know how that works, but it's a fact.  Here is a shot of me as I am typing this.  In the house.

Tannie Freezing

No I am not going anywhere. This is just who I am now. 

Last weekend was the most beautiful fall weekend.  And then winter arrived. Yep we got two days of fall.  I couldn't figure out how this happened, when suddenly the answer was revealed to me!  I watched Maleficent with the boys and it was pretty obvious after that how it got so cold, so fast.

So yeah. That is my theory and I'm sticking with it.