Inktober 2014

Each October, an amazing Illustrator, Jake Parker, challenges the art world with what he calls Inktober. Inktober in his words, is to "challenge [artists] to improve [their] inking skills and develop positive drawing habits."  

I was excited to finally participate in this, as Inking is definitely a skill I want to improve upon.  This is the final week and so far the experience has been really great for me.  It forced me to finally work on some ideas that I had been putting off due to my own fears/insecurities in that medium.  Little did I know that I would actually LOVE ink!  I still have a long way to go, but I can see improvement in myself over this past month and can't wait to keep building on it.  Below are the images I created for this years Inktober.  

Thanks Jake Parker! I am already looking forward to next year.


Test Run

To start off the month, I did a couple test runs.  I had never worked with ink before, and wanted to get a feel for it.  First to pop out of the pen was this old man.  He is either searching for something or just lost in the night. Either way, not too terrible for a first go at it.  The second was a little sketch of a lady. I named her Design Diva.  She just looks like a super serious designer in all black.


At church on Sundays my boys usually ask me to draw them something. This last Sunday my youngest requested a Shark with Wings.  The idea cracked me up and I decided to use it for my first official submission.  

Bunny and Sad Raccoon

I actually pulled these two from my sketch book.  Originally in pencil. I like them much better in ink.  It also gave me a chance to practice a little freestyle with the ink.  I was already familiar with the design, so I got to leave some stress behind.


Inktober allows for digital inking as well.  So I did another, what I call, Tinkering with Type, piece.  This was a personal project that I will talk about more on another post.  I am really pleased with how it came out.

The Adventures of Kona and Wednesday

The Adventures of Kona and Wednesday is a comic book story I have been planning for quite some time. This project was one I was most looking forward to in taking on the Inktober challenge.  It is one of those ideas that become a little personal. Some projects you fall a little in love with it, as a result, you (meaning me) get a little scared to ever start it.  I have a certain look in my head, but have never tried to ink a comic before.  This project has required a lot of self teaching, research and starting over.  It looks simple, so I am sure some of you readers are saying, "what is with all the stress."  However, sometimes the thing that looks the simplest, has the most thought and effort put behind it.  

I think you can really see where I start to improve and get a hang of the style at around the 4th panel. I will have to re-do the first few, but the last panel is where it finally came together.  I am really looking forward to where this project will take me.

Here they are in official comic book fashion.