Art Classes

Tannie Smith offers private Art Classes for children (10+) and adults. Unlike typical craft camps, these classes are constructed for children with a serious interest in learning more about art, further developing their skills and are able to concentrate for long periods of time. Classes are also available for adults that would like to find a new talent or build upon their own.  Each class presents art in an inspiring and challenging way and is designed to accommodate all skill levels and talents. Please contact Tannie with any questions you may have.


Private Art Lessons

Private art lessons are available to home schooled children age 10 and up, as well as adults, who would like to learn more about art, or improve on their own skills.  Classes are offered on a month to month basis and cover a variety of topics. Including: Drawing, Charcoal, Watercolor Pencil and Pastels. We may even delve a little into Illustration!  Each session is customized to YOU. So we will set up a strong foundation and then go the direction your talent and interests take us.   

You will meet once a week with Tannie in her studio on either Tuesday or Thursday from 9:00am-10:30am or 11:00am-12:30pm, depending on your registration and class availability. Classes are taught one on one, or you may partner up with a friend.  Private lesson are limited to the max of two students.  This allows for maximum attention to the student(s).


Classes are $180 per month for a single student, plus any supplies you may need.  

For a two students the price is $150 per student, plus any supplies you may need.


Class Times for 2014/2015

September 2nd - May 28th

Tuesday   9am-10:30am 
Tuesday  11am-12:30pm 

Thursday  9am-10:30am
Thursday  11am-12:30pm 


Below is a small description of some of the topics we will cover during our time together.

Drawing - The student will learn the basics of drawing with pencil.  We will cover gesture drawing, shading, contour line and more.  Students will learn to draw what they see through the medium of pencil on paper. This topic is always first as it is the building block to all other skills covered at the Created By studio.

Charcoal - The student learns to loosen up as we explore the wonderful medium of charcoal.  Charcoal is a great way to express mood and emotion. However it is also very dirty, so be prepare to get messy! We will continue to build upon the principles learned in Drawing as well as learn new things through the application of charcoal on paper.

Color - The student will learn all about the application of color through the use of pastels and watercolor pencils.  We will draw from a still life as well as our imagination.  This class can be messy, so please wear appropriate clothing.  

Illustration - In this session we will focus on the fun of illustration. The student will learn the importance of drawing a verb and have the chance to create some fun characters.  The student will learn the illustration process from sketch to final ink or color.  Fun for all ages and anyone with an active imagination!


To register, contact Tannie Smith and state two sessions and times you would like. Your preferred time and a back up in case that time is already filled.  You will then receive an email welcoming you, as well as further directions and information about registering for the class.